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This is FANTASTIC. A veritable bible on how to encourage a lifelong love of reading in kids. Tips on finding gd bks, the importance of non-fiction, cultivating a diverse bookshelf, unearthing poetry slams interspersed w/essays by writers, teachers, booksellers etc.
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"Don't read this new book if you’re feeling hungry."
The Mirror

Mr Porter

Also available as an audiobook read by Vince.


"wonderfully quirky and so much fun to dip into"
Fine Books & Collections 

"the perfect stocking filler for people who love books and pets. And trivia."
Interesting Literature


'A thing of beauty"
The Sunday Sport

"full of ideas for versatile sheds for hobby or office use... practical step-by-step guide from two shed experts is ideal for enthusiastic DIYers"


"This digestible book offers many pleasures"
The Times Literary Supplement


"A must-have for explorers and bookworms alike"

"The perfect ‘dipping’ book for the book-lover, and it’s not just a dry series of lists with barely any gloss or further information. Alex Johnson’s descriptions of the book lists, his review of their contents and what they signify, also make for edifying reading."

"Johnson's book is upbeat and undeniably a passion project. He is primarily a journalist, and it shows in the range of locations and the breadth of the reporting he presents, which, along with the beautiful color photography abundant throughout the book, make it a valuable visual culture book that doubles as a travel resource"


In this day of e-readers and downloads, it is refreshing to see a celebration of the real thing - books. Bookshelf does so in a relevant rather than nostalgic way, taking a look at clever, beautiful and useful examples of modern shelving design."
The Daily Telegraph


"Reveals a vivid cornucopia of architecturally innovative sheds and sets out everything a shedworker manqué might want to know about building regulations and planning permission, tax implications, garden office suppliers and how to build one."
With Terry Tate, I co-edited this book of oral history memories in York for the York Oral History Society while I was in my year off between school and university. It is one of a popular ongoing series that has been produced by the society since 1984.