Philosophers' sheds and Ronnie O'Sullivan in new issue of the Idler

The new issue of the Idler magazine is now out, featuring my regular columns on sheds and snooker. This time round it's a look at philosophers' garden offices. Here's a snippet:
It’s easy to see why some of our finest philosophers have a penchant for sheds. Where else can you get some proper thinking done, away from the hurly burly of the modern life and the appalling demands of other people? That was certainly Ludwig Wittgenstein’s approach, spending huge amounts of time in his cabin at the top of the Sognefjord fjord in Norway, pondering and scribbling.
For those of you interested in snooker, there's also my thoughts on the genius that is Mr Ronnie O'Sullivan (even if you don't like snooker I think you will enjoy it). You can get copies of the Idler at various outlets around the country (lots of WH Smiths stock it) or a subscription online (which is better and cheaper in the long run).