Menus That Made History reviewed on Interesting Literature

A very kind review by Dr Oliver Tearle on Interesting Literature of Menus That Made History.  Here's a snippet:
What Vincent Franklin and Alex Johnson have done here is to offer a miniature history of gastronomy through illustrative and historic menus, taking these fascinating examples as various ‘ways in’ to the history of fine dining, fast food, takeaways, and much else. But as well as touching upon the gastronomic we also take in space travel, rail travel, air travel, multiculturalism, and a host of other things. If you know someone who enjoys their food, and likes a good book – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – this book would make a great Christmas gift. It’s a beautiful product (with plenty of pictures alongside the informative research) but style hasn’t triumphed at the expense of substance. Franklin and Johnson have really done their homework; all that’s left to do is to feast delightfully upon what’s been served up.