Interview on Sarah Salway's Everyday Words

My friend the writer Sarah Salway recently video-interviewed me for her very popular newsletter Everyday Words (click the link to see it). Here's what she says about it:

There’s something a bit different on Everyday Words today, as I invited the author Alex Johnson to tell us something about writing and publishing NON-fiction books - and I chose him especially for you not just because he’s great but because many of the books he’s written have a special interest for us readers and writers.

You can find his Substack The Writing Hut here and I do recommend you follow it for interesting info about books, writing a book, learning a new language and just general life. (Be careful though - he’s not the Alex Johnson whose newsletter is for those ‘Endlessly curious about fintech and the future of financial services’… although that may send goosebumps of excitement amongst some of us… )

So here’s ‘our’ Alex - thirty minutes of, I think, really useful tips and insights into writing non-fiction, pitching ideas and coping with people who don’t appreciate us quite as much as we think they should. I’ve put links, and a writing exercise, after the video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed talking to him. So many writing ideas in what he says too.